We are excited to announce the release of our new WAW Wireless FUE System. By pre-ordering now, we will guarantee one or multiple systems for you.

Due to how the pandemic had disrupted supply chains worldwide, and the high orders volume, we will be shipping the pre-ordered system to you in January 2022.

We will be applying a special discount of 10% valid for the first 100 buyers.

Additional special discounts will be applied for those planning on swapping their WAW Wired FUE Systems and/or ordering multiple systems, please share as much information as possible while placing your pre-orders.

We will provide an efficient customer service experience during all the steps of your order.

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Complete WAW Wireless Kit Complete WAW Wireless Kit + Nouvag WAW Wireless Handpiece WAW Charging Station WAW Sterilisation Box WAW Samsung Tablet External Sleeve & Head Blue External Sleeve & Head Gold External Sleeve & Head Gray External Sleeve & Head Green External Sleeve & Head Orange External Sleeve & Head Yellow Assembly Tools Pack Plastic Cap (1 pack of 5 pieces) Plastic Cork (1 pack of 5 pieces) Beering (5 pieces) & Steel Lock Nut (1 piece) Steel Lock Nut Bounding Plastic Nouvag Motor & Handpiece Serrated Hybrid Tornado Punch 0.8 Serrated Hybrid Tornado Punch 0.85 Serrated Hybrid Tornado Punch 0.9 Serrated Hybrid Tornado Punch 0.95 Serrated Hybrid Tornado Punch 1.0 Serrated Hybrid Tornado Punch 1.1 Serrated Hybrid Tornado Punch 1.2 Punch Cleaner Support Box for 5 punches Support Box for 9 punches

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